About Jane

Starting out as a model and studying acting at Sydneys famed Ensemble studios acting school, Jane then went on to found her own Interior Design Studio with her mother Liz Downie and her Architect Father Len Downie as an actor/presenter/model, she’s been featured on many Television commercials over the years. She is a mother of 2 boys and a grandmother of four.

Jane brings 30 years experience in property styling and interior design. Jane founded Downie Thomson Interior Design circa 1990 and since founded Styling Divas. Her eye for detail, passion for design, knowledge of the real estate market and decades of hands on experience has earned her a very impressive reputation within the industry.

Janes also appeared on CHANNEL 10’S Changing Rooms Australia

Jane is also a regular contributor to The Daily Telegraph, Interiors Addict, Home Beautiful, Better Homes and Gardens, Mouth of Mums, Bounty, and an onscreen design on Channel 10’s Changing Rooms Australia.


Why Jane Loves her Profession

“I simply adore people. The connection between my clients and I is in short beautiful..

I love to deep dive into their thought process to discover how they tick. This allows me to create considered, beautifully crafted, and creative interiors that will last the test of time. Its all about them.

I consider it a privilege to get to know my clients on such a granular level. And when they open their hearts and allow me to immerse myself in their lives.. How lucky am I……”