Are you existing in a dark and dingy interior?

Have you ever thought how these depressing interiors can affect your mental health?

Here’s some great tips to help you dump the dark and dingy and embrace a fresh new look.


Now, honestly how does the image above make you feel?

Are you encouraged to enter this space?

Ten out of ten people I canvased recoiled in horror! And YOU will be horrified at how many people exist in these dingy, dull and lacklustre spaces. And the inhabitants that do, cant figure why they felt so down and depressed. They’ve lived on these spaces for so long they’ve forgotten to reassess the space.

Environment is EVERYTHING!

Here are some quick tips to make your space feel less like a jail and more like a beautiful sanctuary that you SHOULD be living in.

  • Decluttering. and reassessing… for any space really, but especially the dark and dingy.
  • Let the light in! The nightmare space above for instance : removing those “stale cheese” coloured sheers and heavy drapes would do wonders for this space straight up. Install shutters in a warm white or if budget is an issue some beautiful ready made linen sheers!
  • Paint it out: If you take on this job yourself, painting is an inexpensive and easy way to spruce up any scary space! Discover your go to colour that puts a smile on your dial. And suits a small space. Heads up, Dark colours DO work in small spaces as long as you have contrast!
  • Don’t overcrowd a small space. Overcrowded small spaces, full of stuff, yell hoarder and creates a feeling of introspection and sometimes anxiety..!

I could go on forever about the negativity of dingy rooms!

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